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Lobo ID Card Holders (students, staff, and faculty):

Use your Lobo ID Card with proximity access to tap into the new turnstile systems at the entrances of all Main Campus libraries (Centennial Science & Engineering Library, Fine Arts and Design Library, & Zimmerman Library).

What is Proximity Access?

Your Lobo ID Card will need to have proximity access in order to enter in the turnstile system. If your Lobo ID card does not have 5 or more digits located on the back-right corner, you must obtain a new proximity card from the UNM LoboCard Office.

The UNM LoboCard Office can replace old Lobo ID cards with no cost. However, if there is not an old card to turn in, there is a fee to replace a lost card. For more information, please visit the LoboCard Office website.

What happens if I forget my Lobo ID Card?

If you forget your Lobo ID Card, you can still enter the Libraries by checking in at the desk located near the library entrances. You will need to show a government-issued photo ID.

Non-UNM Affiliated Community members:

Visit the desk near the library entrances to check in with staff. You will need a government-issued photo ID or a student photo ID.

Are the new turnstiles ADA accessible?

Yes, all new turnstile systems include ADA-compliant swing gates within the libraries.

What if I am conducting a campus tour?

The person leading the group will check the group in by visiting the desk located near the library entrance and providing a government-issued photo ID or student photo ID and listing the number of individuals in the group.

What if there is an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, the turnstiles are connected with the fire alarm systems and permit safe and immediate exit from the library.


For any issues or concerns regarding the turnstile systems within the libraries, please contact Mark Emmons at 505-277-4241.

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